Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 plus 2 negatives = Life in April?

I haven't blogged in a while. Well like wrote a real blog, you know? Well anyway it is 12:27 AM now Thurs and I'm still up from Wed. I decided to write everything that has been going on in my life lately. Or anything you all may have missed.
Well in the beginning of April end of March? I got to spend some time with the one and only Marcus Emery. It was very exciting, nerve wrecking, and relieving all in one. Some of you may not know and some may know, but this boy gets on my nerves. I really think he doesn't know how to push my buttons, so I can't blame the innocent, but it's such a coincidence that he hits it right on target every time. Nonetheless, we are like best friends and I love him in a way that I have never felt love before. And what people don't understand is that it is not about what he can do for me, but it is because of who he has been to me. I wish I could make you understand, and sometimes I wish I could make myself understand. And I know people say in their heads, "My God just let it go", and I really wish it were that easy. Honestly. I did enjoy my time with him being that it isn't that often.
Another plus is that I rekindled another relationship that dwindled due to technical difficulties and similar situations that hinder us both, but we manage to still show each other love and respect. He is growing on me though. Who knows where the relationship may lead. It could go far or it could go a few inches, but only time will tell. It is crazy because time is the solution for everything and we sit and wait and wait and wait with so little time, but it truly and genuinely helps us understand, heals us, and gives us a way to get our thoughts together. What a beautiful invention! Time. Just had an epiphany...during the blog (Sorry, Mina.)
A negative is that I need a new job. A lot of people are like "Your crazy. You got a good job. There are so many people out here looking for a new job and you have a good one, and you are still not satisfied". Okay so yea, I need another job. If I don't I'm going to commit suicide in my cubicle. I absolutely hate it there now. Don't get me wrong I have developed very nice relationship with my co-workers, and I enjoy doing what I do, but I am bored out of my mind. So I applied for a few jobs yesterday let's see whether I get any call backs. Wish me blessings!
Another negative is that if my brother doesn't do anything about his girlfriend's attitude soon I'm going to cut her legs off.

I'll holla.

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    in the cubicle tho...

    and her legs. OMGOSH

    oh and did you write sory to me becaus eyou know i read? very smart ;P