Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mr. Black

DISCLAIMER: I decided that I didn't really want to drop names too much on my blog, so I'm going to give people nicknames.

I just got a text from Black and he inspired me to write this blog. Me and Black have been really good friends for about 4 years now. All I have ever wanted was to just feel important in his life. Like just to have some type of value. Not just another girl, but that is what I feel I have been. Like how many years do you have to know someone to be considered a really good friend or more? It's so funny because telling someone I love them is nothing to me. People have gotten offended by me saying it so freely, but I truly love everyone that I tell in one way or another. And to think someone that I have known for so many years feels so uncomfortable telling me he loves me. It's crazy to me. For the past two months I have really stopped caring about it. Like genuinley not caring at all. I feel like once you really have given something all you've got and it still hasn't worked out you give up on it. And then I feel like once you have truly given up and you really do not care about those people surprisingly those people always wanna show up all of sudden and act brand new. Perfect example: I have never recieved a gift from Black EVER, and all of a sudden I get a wallet and a coat for Valentine's Day!! Um? WHY? Excuse me Mr. Black, but do you feel like your losing me?...Because you are absolutley right.

So the moral of the story basically is people feel like they can treat other people like crap like they won't leave or something. Like they need them and then surprisingly when they get the picture they try to be nice, or get them back on track. Love the people that you have in your life right now. Don't love them when they stop caring, or want to leave.

P.S. Thank you Black the coat is fabulous!

Quote: If you have it [Love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have. -Sir James M. Barrie

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