Saturday, February 28, 2009 in progress

I'm feeling alittle down today. It is the last day of my fast and I guess I am supposed to be feeling better, but the things I went through during the fast has broken me down. In a sense I felt like I asked God to shed all the unnecessary things in my life off of me, and he is slowly but surely doing so. As people and things are leaving though I'm feeling empty. I feel like all I have is me. All I've ever had was me, but now all I really have is me. What lesson is it this time? Is it what ever is done in the dark always comes to light? Is it never trust any one but God? Is it sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself? Who knows, but whatever the lesson may be I hope I get the point. Sometimes I just want to tell God "ENOUGH WITH THE LESSONS", but in a way they make me who I am. The constant shedding of my being is making me, me! God has a plan and a purpose for me. I'm glad he cares enough to even show me, to even teach me. He is awesome. And I don't care what anyone says. I made a promise that I will always keep and it was...I would believe in God even if no one else in the world did, even if the very people that showed me God stopped loving him. I would still worship, love, honor, glorify, and believe...because he is the truth and he is...

Quote: "After all you put me through...You'd think I'd despise you, but in the end I want to thank you because you made me that much stronger" -Christina Aguilera

One of the case you didn't know. ;)

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